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Adult Rental Guide reviews the top adult DVD rental service providers and shows you which are the best service and best deal. On the graph below you will find the various adult DVD rental companies as well as an easy way to compare them based on our rating, price, number of titles, shipping charges, and shipping information.

Adult DVD Resources and other Cool Stuff

We recommend the following sites :

Adult DVD Talk - Incredibly deep site that provides all sorts of helpful information on the adult DVD industry. From the hottest new trailers to release dates on DVDs. Even has over a decade of reviews and recommendations. Think of it like Rotten Tomatoes but for porn. - Endless reviews of adult DVDs. Top critic picks, interviews, galleries and a ton more. Just a great resource for fans of porn. - The internet adult film database is the imdb of the porn industry. Find what movies your favorite stars are in or who that starlet that caught your eye is.

Sex Cams 101 - When we're in the mood for something live, this site guides us in that journey. Comprehensive reviews of the live sex cam industry and a whole bunch more. Think of it as a consumer reports of sorts before you hand over your money to a cam site.

VR Cams - With a VR headset and a live girl at your command, it's like being in a strip club without the pushy bouncer and $10 drinks.

AVN Awards - Who doesn't enjoy a good awards show? Find out which movies win the annual "Oscars of porn" over at AVN.

VR Porn - Streaming video to your computer screen or big screen TV is great and all, but what about being inside the action? VR porn is taking the adult industry by storm and you better hop on the train before it's too late.