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Adult Rental Guide reviews the top adult DVD rental service providers and shows you which are the best service and best deal. On the graph below you will find the various adult DVD rental companies as well as an easy way to compare them based on our rating, price, number of titles, shipping charges, and shipping information.

SugarInstant Review

Sugar Instant LogoAdult Rental Guide Review : Sugar Instant claims that they will revolutionize the way you rent adult movies by taking the unpleasant experience of renting from your local video store and moving it to the comfort of your own living room. While they aren’t the only ones that do this, they are one of the best ones on the market and warrant a recommendation by us at Adult Rental Guide.

Like the other adult rental services, SugarInstant has a number of plans (6 to be exact) that allow you to rent a specified number of porn DVDs at one time. Each plan allows you to rent an unlimited number of porn flicks a month with no due dates, late fees, or hassles. There are no shipping fees and each DVD comes mailed discreetly in a plain envelope. One of SugarDVD’s mission statements is to ensure the discreet nature of renting adult films.

Similar to Netflix, you’ll be able to queue up future selections so that once your DVD arrives back to them, they can ship out the next one your list. They do have multiple shipping locations as well to help speed up the delivery process. Each title they carry has user reviews from current and past customers to help make your decisions a little easier. If you are really satisfied with the DVD, you have the option to buy the DVD at a discounted rate directly and not have to worry about mailing it back. They also have a comprehensive adult toy store and video on demand (VOD) for those too impatient to wait for the mail.

The best thing going for them though is the 10-day free trial that they offer to new customers. It’s a great way to explore the service and make sure that SugarDVD is right for you. Currently they are offering it on two of their plans and would highly recommend taking the trial before committing to future months.

Overall Sugar Instant is one of the top adult DVD rental sites on web. The only issues we ran across was that the site could be a little difficult to navigate if you didn’t know exactly what you were looking for. We hope they could provide more suggestions and such to those of us who don’t know what pornos are hot on the market. The support is fantastic and they even offer 24/7 Live Help to those who are a little embarrassed to call up a porn shop and ask for assistance.

We recommend giving SugarDVD a trial.

Trial Offer Terms : You get a 10 day free trial on either the standard (2 movie) or Supreme (3 movie) plans.

Monthly Fees: Beginner ($9.95/month) - 1 movie at a time. Standard ($16.95/month) - 2 movies at a time. Supreme ($21.95/month) - 3 movies at a time. Premium ($26.95/month) - 4 movies at a time. Deluxe ($34.95/month) - 6 movies at a time. Extreme ($43.95/month) - 8 movies at a time.

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.

Sales Tax: Unlisted on their site, but SugarInstant is located in California, so California residents probably have to pay between 7% and 8% sales tax.

Shipping Location(s): Sugar DVD advertises that they have numerous, but we could not find out how many or where the locations are.

Shipping Restrictions:
Does not ship to all of Alabama or Tennessee. Does not ship to the following zip codes: Florida 32300-32399 & 32500-32599. Oklahoma City, OK 731xx. Newport News, VA 236xx. Illinois: Fairview Heights, IL 62208 Belleville, IL 62220, 62221, 62222, 62223, 62226. Southern, OH 450xx-459xx. Mississippi 386xx-397xx. Utah 840xx-841xx, 843xx-847xx. Montana 591xx. North Carolina 282xx

Customer Service Contact Information: & FAQ

Overall Rating :  - Go To SugarDVD